World Cities Database Free vs. Titanium Comparison

World Cities Database Free vs. Titanium

A database is an organized collection of data or information that is set up and stored for easy access electronically in a computer system.

GeoDataSource World Cities Database is a database that contains the list of all cities, including counties, boroughs, towns and so on, in a text format that can be easily loaded in a database to be used by any application which requires a comprehensive list of country code, state/province, city name, latitude, longitude, population and time zone.

GeoDataSource World Cities Database consists of free and paid editions. If you are in need of a cities database for a personal project where resources are limited and data integrity is not crucial, then the World Cities Database Free Edition may be a great option to meet your needs. However, using a free version for commercial purposes is not a good option in most cases as high quality, accurate and up to date data are the key value of the project. Thus, World Cities Database Titanium Edition will be more suitable for use in any commercial development.

Database Fields

The following table shows the database fields supported by World Cities Database Free and Titanium Edition.

Continent IDNot SupportedSupported
Continent NameNot SupportedSupported
Sub-Continent IDNot SupportedSupported
Feature Designation CodeNot SupportedSupported
FIPS 10-4 Country CodeSupportedSupported
ISO 3166 Country CodeSupportedSupported
Feature’s Full NameNot SupportedSupported
Feature’s No Diacritics Full NameSupportedSupported
Feature’s Sort NameNot SupportedSupported
First-Order Administrative Division CodeNot SupportedSupported
First-Order Administrative Division’s Full NameNot SupportedSupported
Second-Order Administrative Division CodeNot SupportedSupported
Second-Order Administrative Division’s Full NameNot SupportedSupported
LatitudeNot SupportedSupported
LongitudeNot SupportedSupported
PopulationNot SupportedSupported
Time ZoneNot SupportedSupported

As mentioned in the table above, the Free edition of the World Cities Database only supports the list of cities and country code whereas the World Cities Database Titanium Edition offers the list of cities with continent, county code, state/province, latitude, longitude, population as well as time zone. The comprehensive cities list provided by the World Cities Database Titanium Edition are more useful for any commercial application or project.

In conclusion, GeoDataSource World Cities Database provides the cities list in both free and paid versions with different fields supported. Therefore, you may choose the version that fits your business needs.

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