What are the benefits of Databases

What are the benefits of Databases

A database is an organized collection of data or information that is set up and stored for easy retrieval electronically in a computer system. Databases are so common for both large and small use cases that caters to not only huge websites with masses of daily visitors but also used by small groups of individuals. This is because databases allow them to access the information easily. This article will discuss the benefits of databases and how it helps in the software or system.

Data integrity is one of the benefits of databases. It means that the data is accurate and consistent in the database. Data integrity is important as there are multiple databases that contain data that is visible to various users. Thus, it is required to ensure that the data is consistent and accurate in all of the databases.

Data consistency is a vital concept in a database because there will be no data redundancy. The data appears consistently across all the databases. The data will be the same for all the users viewing the database. Data consistency is the foundation for good data-driven decisions. Therefore, inconsistent data might lead to poor business decisions.

Data security is another benefit of databases. It allows the authorized user to access the database’s data and their access privilege should be different from each user. Unauthorized users should not be allowed to access the database in whatever way. Data privacy is enhanced by limiting data access.

In a nutshell, databases provide multiple benefits such as data integrity, data consistency and data security. All of the benefits of databases are discussed in detail above. In GeoDataSource, there are two commercial databases available, namely the World Cities Database and World Major Cities Database. World Cities Database is a database to be used by any application which requires a comprehensive list of country code, state/province, cities name, latitude, longitude, population and time zone. The World Major Cities Database contains major cities globally that can be used by any application which requires a comprehensive list of country code and name, region/state/province name, city name, latitude, longitude and ZIP code.

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