What is the .NET Component

What is the .NET Component

The GeoDataSource .NET component is a software that works with Microsoft® Access, SQL Server and MySQL to query the complete data from GeoDataSource World Cities Database editions which includes the Basic, Premium, Gold, Platinum, or Titanium Edition. You can use the software object to query the database by city and also to calculate the distance between two cities or two latitude and longitude sets. This component will help developers to speed up the integration of GeoDataSource into their projects effortlessly. Furthermore, it comes with general distance calculation function to reduce the programming time.

GeoDataSource .NET component is written for the .NET Framework and is optimized for the Windows® operating system performance. The price of this component is $99.95 USD for one time license.


  • Look Up GeoDataSource World Cities Database (Basic, Premium, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium Edition): Query the database fields supported, such as Continent, Sub-Continent, Unique Feature Identifier, Unique Name Identifier, Feature Designation Code, FIPS 10-4 Primary Country Code, ISO 3166 Primary Country Code, Feature’s Full Name, Feature’s No Diacritics Full Name, Feature’s Sort Name, First-Order Administrative Division Code, First-Order Administrative Division’s Full Name, Second-Order Administrative Division Code, Second-Order Administrative Division’s Full Name, Latitude in Decimal Degree, Longitude in Decimal Degree, population and UTC time zone.
  • Measure the Distance between Two Cities: Type two cities and see the distance between them.
  • Wildcard Searching: Find city starting with Bostwick.
  • Free Support: Free product support by email.

Bundle Price

The GeoDataSource .NET component with the GeoDataSource World Cities Database bundle is priced as below.

Product NamePrice
.NET Component + World Cities Database Basic Edition (1 Year Subscription)$499.95 USD
.NET Component + World Cities Database Premium Edition (1 Year Subscription)$799.95 USD
.NET Component + World Cities Database Gold Edition (1 Year Subscription)$1099.95 USD
.NET Component + World Cities Database Platinum Edition (1 Year Subscription)$1399.95 USD
.NET Component + World Cities Database Titanium Edition (1 Year Subscription)$1699.95 USD


Single Server License

All prices mentioned in this page are for “Single Server License” unless specified otherwise. “Single Server License” can be used for 1 database server in a commercial environment with single or multiple connected clients.

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