What is Web Service

What is Web Service and the web services offered by GeoDataSource

Web service is growing as an emerging technology in this modern world with the latest advancements in technology. It is a software service that is used to communicate between two electronic devices over a network. The web service is popular in web applications because of the natural quality of being self-contained and self-describing.

The benefit of using the web service is that no database is required to be downloaded, to be installed or to be upgraded on the server side. As there is no database to be downloaded, thus, storage space is not required. The web service can be integrated into most of the programming languages easily. The queries by web service will be fast with the nearest server responding to the requests.

GeoDataSource offers web services that help users to get the data they need effortlessly. The web services supported by GeoDataSource are the Location Search Web Service and the Neighboring Countries Web Service.

Location Search Web Service

GeoDataSource Location Search Web Service is a REST API that allows the user to lookup for city information by providing the location coordinate in the latitude and longitude form. It will return the result in either JSON or XML format which contains the information of the nearest country, region, city, latitude, longitude, currency code, currency name, currency symbol, time of sunrise, time of sunset, time zone and distance of input coordinate with the city. For more information such as packages, API syntax, API response fields example about this web service, it is detailed at https://www.geodatasource.com/web-service/location-search.

Neighboring Countries Web Service

GeoDataSource Neighboring Countries Web Service is a REST API that enables the user to check for the associated land border countries which are also known as the neighboring countries based on the input of the country code in ISO3166-2 format. This web service will return the result in either the JSON or XML format which contains the information of the neighboring countries’ codes and names that follow the ISO-3166 Alpha-2 code and full name standard. For more details about this web service, go to https://www.geodatasource.com/web-service/neighboring-countries.

In a nutshell, the web services provided by GeoDataSource contain different data that is required by the users depending on their application or website infrastructure. Users can try out both web services as a free 500 HTTPS queries per month are provided.

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