What is the Country Borders data

A border is a line either in real or artificial that splits up the geographical areas. Borders are the political boundaries that separate countries, regions, cities and towns. A border outlines the area that is controlled by a specific governing body and only the government of the area can generate […]

What is Country Grouping Terminology

Country Grouping is a group of countries that are treated as a single entity for the certification and specialization purposes. The member countries pool their resources in order to meet the requirements for certification and specialization. The country grouping is often referred to by a single term, word or abbreviation. […]

What are Eastern-Western Hemisphere Countries

Based on geography, the Earth hemispheres can be referred to as any division of the globe into two hemispheres. The most common divisions are through the latitudinal or longitudinal markers in the Eastern Western and the Northern Southern division. Eastern-Western Hemispheres are the halves that lie east or west of […]