How to add City DropDown to Country-Region DropDown Menu

Country-Region DropDown Menu is a JavaScript based dropdown menu that allows user to implement country-region list effortlessly. The region names are automatically refreshed and filled based on the country selection. And, the implementation is simple, you just need to edit a few lines of code by entering the pre-defined class […]

What are the continent/subcontinent supported?

A continent is one of the very large masses of land on Earth that is linked together. Each continent is unique with specific characteristics. There are 6 commonly known continents, namely the Africa, Americas, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. This continent information is available in all GeoDataSource World Cities Databases […]

What is Administrative Division?

Administrative division is a part of a country or a defined region. The main objective of the administrative division is for administration purposes. The administrative divisions have been divided into a certain order. In general, the largest administrative subdivision of a country is named as First-Order Administrative Division followed by […]

International Country Code, FIPS versus ISO 3166

International Country Code is a country listing that is used to uniquely identify a geopolitical entity (countries, dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty). The country code consists of International Standards Organization (ISO) 3166-1, Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 10-4 and many more. Codes been used to save time and to […]