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World Major Cities Database

World Major Cities + Drop Down List Source Codes

$399.95 single download license

GeoDataSource™ World Major Cities enables a web developer to easily implement drop down lists, or any other solutions, that requires the list of countries, states and cities. Most major cities in the world are included in this package in TSV (tab separated values) format, and can be easily access or load into a relational database for lookup.

Sample codes written in ASP, .NET and PHP are provided in the package to generate city names drop down list by countries and states. The sample codes enable a developer to rapidly deploy and utilize this package. Developer can apply this data for other purposes such as data validation, auto form filling and etcs.


  • Data Updated Yearly
  • Most Accurate and Up-to-Date Source of Data
  • Sample Codes in Several Programming Languages
  • Covers Major Cities to Simplify Data Processing
  • Instant Download Upon Subscription
  • Free Customer Support
  • Many Happy Customers


  • One major cities database table in text (TSV) format containing
    • ISO 3166 Primary Country Code and Country Name
    • State Name
    • City Name
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
  • A total of 20,908 major cities which have large population numbers.
  • Sample codes in ASP, ASP.NET (VB & C#) and PHP to display drop down list of cities.

Note: For demo, only first 5 characters of the city names will be shown.
Country-Region Dropdown Menu

Free dropdown menu javascript allowing you to implement the country and region dropdown selection with ease. Learn more at Country-Region Dropdown Menu (Free)


Single Server License

All prices mentioned in this page are for "Single Server License" unless specified otherwise. "Single Server License" can be used for 1 database server in a commercial environment with single or multiple connected clients.